June 28, 2012

How-to: Clean those dirty make-up brushes!

After reading beauty sections of the many blogs that I have categorized in my "daily reads," I've come to the realization that I lead a somewhat unsanitary lifestyle when it comes to make-up. Sometimes my mascara tubes have lifespans of 5+ months, and I'll admit that I've never once cleaned my make-up brushes... until now.

We change our toothbrushes every 4 weeks, so why not give those that touch our face a little attention too? I found this household remedy for cleaning make-up brushes on Pinterest, and all it takes are two ingredients, water and white vinegar. It disinfects grease and make-up buildup, leaving your brushes clean and sanitary.  

What you'll need:
1 T white vinegar
a glass
hot water & cold water

Mix the white vinegar in with a glass of hot water, and let your brushes soak in the mixture for 20 minutes. After, take out each brush and rinse in hot water, then cold water. Pat brushes dry with paper towels, and you're good to go. 


1 comment:

  1. Super helpful! I do clean them once in awhile, but I just rinsed them in cold water. I will do this from now on!