June 27, 2012

Peplum + scalloped

It's no secret that peplum tops/dresses/business skirts are in this season. I couldn't resist splurging on this Anthropologie peplum ponte tank, especially because I figured it'd be gone by the time it went on sale. It's super-simple to dress up, and can be paired with anything from shorts to skirts to J.Crew's Minnie pants. I noticed it last week on an episode of Pretty Little Liars (can you guess which character was wearing it?) although I didn't like the way the costume department put the outfit together. 

During the summer months, pair it with something simple like seersucker scalloped shorts in light red/blue from Lilly Pulitzer. At $74, they're expensive, yes... but can be brought out for a party on the Fourth of July. I thought seriously about purchasing them, but then I realized I could probably DIY my own pair (yes, it's completely ridiculous that I took a picture before purchasing). I had a pair of seersucker bermuda shorts that I had stored away in an under-the-bed bin after Bermuda's had gone out of style... which apparently was before I stopped wearing them...

(Circa 2009... I believe they became unpopular in 2006, whoops)

Lucky for me, I still had my pair that was blue and white seersucker, and took a pair of scissors to 'em to create the "scalloped" look. It was simple, just make sure you stencil out the pattern with something washable- I used an eyeliner pencil. 

And voila, now you have an entirely new pair of clothing, DIY'ed from one that had just gone out of style. 



  1. i love these trends - peplum + scallops!

  2. What a great DIY, never even occurred to me to make my own scalloped shorts