June 25, 2012

Monogram Madness

Sometimes it's the little things in life that make me happy. 

Things like chocolate, the right song, and having to put together an outfit for a night out (pretty much only understandable if you're a girl). Seersucker bags, like my tote below from Tiny Tulip was a graduation gift to myself. It's the ideal summer bag with the added bonus of my new favorite look: monograms.

I used to think monograms were tacky, gaudy fashion statements that bragged about how cool your initials could look to everyone. Who wants to use monogramed towels stamped with initials? It looks like you're wiping your hands on an item clearly deemed someone else's property. So, now that I'm about to sound completely contradictory with this post, I'm going to have to support the reasons for my newfound obsession. 

1. They're colorful
2. They're personal
3. They will never go out of style [unless you get married ;) ]

Monograms are clearly not something to go overboard on, because then you'll just look like you want to stamp your name on everything you own. :) Buying an iPhone case like any of the ones below, and you add class and sophistication to your phone (and your initials increase your chances of return by about 3% if you lose your phone...just kidding, I totally made that up).
Beyond iPhone cases, there is a plethora of other initial-donning items these days, including the necklaces. Layer them with more simple strands that match the chain, and let the piece pop out. 
Monograms aren't for everyone, but they're a fun way to personalize your favorite things. Besides, who could pass on all of this color? 


Photos from: Tinytulip.com, luxurymonograms.com, sweetteapaperie.com, and lipstickshades.com. 

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