October 31, 2012

Menswear Wednesday: J.Crew Factory's amazing sale

I'd be lying if I said I haven't already taken advantage of J.Crew Factory's new website and great sales. Last week I picked up these earrings, and with their ongoing deals, I plan on picking up a few more pieces before it all ends on November 1. Until Thursday, if you join the new website's "Factory First" list--which is just offering them your e-mail address-- you get free shipping until Thursday.

Sorry, I really should have posted about this earlier. But, if I did you wouldn't have gotten the extra 25 percent off as well! So, on top of the Factory sale price, and free shipping, you get 25% off your purchase by entering the code "Moreplease." And because J.Crew always has the best button down shirts for men, I thought I'd post some of the best looking ones here. All marked starting as low as $29.50, for those guys interested in heading over to the new Factory Store website today. But hurry, you've got to do if before tomorrow if you want free shipping.





October 30, 2012

{Guest Post} A Preppy State of Mind

Hello to the readers on A Pop of Style!  I'm Rachel, the author of A Preppy State of Mind blog.  I am more than thrilled to be guest posting for Jenn today.  Her style is so inspiring.  I never leave her blog without finding new ways of incorporating unique ideas into my everyday wardrobe.

One very exciting part of the cold weather season is wearing cute gloves.  Although Georgie doesn't reach this ideal "glove weather" until about January, I am so excited to be wearing a pair each day of my trip to NYC in a few weeks.  
Gloves have always been a classy statement in the fashion industry.  The wrist length, better known as the "matinee length," is considered to be the most casual style of glove.  The full length or "opera length" is thought of as being the more formal glove.  As gloves were worn in the past by ladies to events such as church and weddings, they are now worn as a cold weather accessory.

I hate having cold hands.  I always enjoy my gloves.  Here are a few adorable styles that I've come across this year. They seem to be getting cuter and cuter!

One disadvantage of wearing gloves is the fact that you are constantly needing to use your iPhone.  Luckily, designers are making tech gloves more and more poplar.  I'm just so excited for glove season!

Thank you so much, Jenn, for having me over today!  I appreciate it so much!  Be sure to stop by A Preppy State of Mind.

Stay Tuned!

October 29, 2012

I think I'll go to Boston

This weekend I flew out to Boston to see my roommate from the Republican National Convention. We hadn't seen each other since we'd left Tampa at the end of August, yet it was as if we'd hadn't skipped a beat. The last time I was in Boston was in 2007 when I was looking at Boston University, but I have never seen it in the fall before. The beautiful fall foliage and perfect weather made it the ideal weekend, and we even saw Senator Scott Brown at the Boston College tailgate. :)

We headed out to Salem (the #1 destination for Halloween celebrations in America, of course!) and also stopped by the Romney headquarters before heading out for the night's Halloween festivities. I ended up making my costume by just cutting the Batman symbol out of felt and slip-stitched it on one of my favorite LBDs. 

Hope you guys had a great weekend as well!


October 25, 2012

{Guest Post} Tickled Pink: For the Love of Bows

Hi Ladies! My name is Andrea and I blog over at Tickled Pink! It was so nice of Jenn to let me do a guest post on her blog today!

One of my favorite fashion obsessions is bows, and luckily they are everywhere right now! It’s easy to look too “childish” (a giant ponytail bow) but if you do it right, this trend can be classy and office-appropriate.  The key is to look for an item where the bow isn’t so overpowering but just adds a little something! For example, the Kate Spade bow purse below, the classic bag would be chic on its own, but the bow gives it a little something special.

Hope to see you over at Tickled Pink (missandrealee.blogspot.com) sometime soon!

J.Crew Bow Coat
Kate Spade Bow Purse
Kate Spade Pearl Bow Earrings
Kate Spade Bow Belt
Bow flats (similar)
Bow heels (similar)

October 24, 2012

Kale chips with a hint of lime

Whenever I used to think of kale, I always associated it with my pet rabbit. My dad always used to tell me I had to take home the kale from my plate whenever we would go out to dinner at restaurants that dressed their plates with a piece of kale. My rabbit always loved it, but I never thought one day I would be eating the leafy green, let alone love it just as much.

Never would I eat kale raw--unless it was blended up into a fruit smoothie--I have taken to making kale chips quite often now. This time, I spiced things up a bit by adding a hint of lime juice. It gives them a boost of flavor that sets it apart from the sea salt. 

Kale Chips With a Hint of Lime

- One bunch of kale 
- 2T of olive oil
- zest and juice of one small lime
- 2t of sea salt

Pull kale leaves off of the stem and tear them into pieces a bit smaller than a Post-It note (they shrink by quite a lot in the oven!), and spread them across a foiled cookie sheet. In a bowl, mix together oil, salt and lime juice/zest, and use a marinade brush to "paint" the leaves in the mixture. 

Pop them into the oven and bake for ten minutes at 350 degrees. Let cool about five minutes, enjoy, and don't blame me if you become addicted! :)

Menswear Wednesday: The working man's toolbox

I stumbled across this picture of Kiel James Patrick with his briefcase yesterday, and took it as the perfect inspiration for today's Menswear Wednesday. Let's just say, getting your essentials from A to B has never looked better. Men take pride in their what they carry in the business world, and even greater men know just how to make it original.

I've never really been a fan of the ones with the combination locks along the edges. My father used to carry one like that, and it just looked too complicated. It seems as if simplicity is key, but quality should come before that. Women can understand this, as we "invest" in nice expensive purses that are durable and timeless in style. So, expensive they are, but at the same time, a man would never keep his tools in any old toolbox.

Invest away.

1. Saddleback's "Thin" Briefcase

4. Glaser Designs' "Flaptop" Bag 

October 22, 2012

Pure white

I'm really nit-picky about finding the perfect comforter for my bed. The one that I've had since high school took me months to decide on, and, let's just say it was ready for an upgrade. Before I became obsessive over trying to find a new one, I decided to change my approach. I figured I'd go for simplicity in the cover with a white down comforter, and spice up my spread with colorful pillows. White rooms and interior design with a focus on neutrals have always caught my eye. I love how something so simple can become classic and stylish with just a few touches of color.

I plan on decorating with pillows that are shades of navy, pink and light grey. I'm a huge fan of chevron anything right now, so a light grey chevron pillow is a must-have. 


October 20, 2012

Statement Studs

I'm not a huge necklace person, but whenever I can I like to dress up an outfit with fun,
dazzling earrings. Usually that doesn't mean studs, but I have a go-to pair of gold studs with rhinestones from Banana Republic that are perfect. Here are a few of this season's
best stud earrings. I haven't realized until now how cute Madewell's jewelry is.

PS, checkout J.Crew's new Factory website, I just bought the earrings below for super-cheap,
and got free shipping too. They have some great deals right now on jewelry!

                                             {Clockwise from top-left} {1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6}

October 18, 2012

Throwback Thursday à la Halloween

Since Halloween is just around the corner, and today is Thursday, I thought I'd post a few pictures for Throwback Thursday Halloween-style. My mom always got a kick out of dressing us up, and most of the costumes she made herself, and we still have them today. I must admit, the scariest one is the last photo... but I can assure you we didn't go out dressed like that!


October 17, 2012

Menswear Wednesday: Peter Millar

In a prepster’s world, the male closet is dominated by the presence of Ralph Lauren, J.Crew and Vineyard Vines. When I think of preppy guys, those three labels come to mind, but luckily your closet doesn’t have to be overwhelmed with Polo horses and whales. A much lesser-known designer of luxury sportswear, Peter Millar, is slowly making its way up the fashion ladder, with a resume that includes clothing the U.S. men’s teams in the 2010 Ryder Cup and the 2011 President’s Cup.

Categorizing their apparel as "for work or for leisure," Peter Millar’s menswear line includes everything to dress the preppy guy from head to toe, including sport shirts, knits, sweaters and pants. The line was created in 2001, and, interestingly enough, named after an inscription on an antique lawn bowling ball he received from his mother.

Scope out the best selections at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack, at upscale boutiques, or on their website. I've always been a fan of Peter Millar's sport shirts, but lately I've been swooning over the designer's footwear and jackets... especially the vests (I'm not sure why more guys aren't into vests).

October 16, 2012

Posh before she was Posh

Before she was the pouting princess of the fashion empire, and even before she was Posh in platform heels, Victoria Beckham was a teen model. Not too surprising, seeming as Posh had a figure (and a face) destined for modeling early on. However, just released are the photos from Beckham's early modeling career, when she was known as Victoria Adams. What do you think of the young Posh Spice?

Pumpkin smoothie

We all go overboard with pumpkin when the fall season hits, and I can admit I am no exception. However, I will disclose that I had my first ever Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte last week. I did not have high hopes for it, because I hate the syrups coffee shops use, but I was impressed. I heard on the news that Starbucks is starting to have a nationwide shortage on the syrup, which most likely is going to lead to a mental breakdown for over half of my age group's female population.

Don't fret PSL obsessives; whenever the inevitable "pumpkin spice latte" extinction occurs for this year's fall season, I'm here to offer you a good alternative. Enter, the pumpkin smoothie. I had to add sugar to get rid of the bitter taste so it's not completely healthy, but I can promise you there are less calories than in a latte!

Pumpkin smoothie

- 1/2 banana
- 1/3 cup pumpkin puree
- 3/4 cup vanilla almond milk
- 1/3 cup Greek yogurt
- 4-5 ice cubes
- 2t cinnamon
- 1t nutmeg
- 3T powdered sugar

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. 

October 15, 2012

Tricking, treating and politicking

The last presidential election was during my freshman year of college. I remember slightly panicking over what to dress up as, because I wanted it to be funny, creative and cute at the same time. I ended up dressing up as Sarah Palin, because by the end of October, she had become the most talked-about individual in the 2008 election—you either loved her or hated her. After dressing up as her for two nights of Halloween parties, I unfortunately realized most people hated her. Needless to say, I think I pulled it off pretty well, and I even found a John McCain one of the nights!

In the spirit of this year’s election, I thought I’d give my readers a few ideas if they wanted to go the political route for costumes this Oct. 31 (it’s an election year, I’m definitely taking advantage of it). The point is, you have to have fun with it and make it laughable, so I pulled out the individuals’ funny characteristics for some of the costumes.  I hope you find some inspiration!
President Barack Obama: Sure, there are plenty of masks you can wear, but go all out with the Presidential look (FYI, Obama has stated that he only ever wears navy or black suits). Make sure to bring a handful of change in your pocket.  Or you could go as Obama at the Republican National Convention, which would just be a chair.
Gov. Mitt Romney: Again, you could buy the token creepy Romney mask, but it can easily be done without. Just make sure to nail the grey sideburns, and if you really want to make it funny let a hundred-dollar bill hang out of your suit’s breast pocket.
Donald Trump: Buy lots of bronzer and a blonde wig (or just spray your hair gold). Tweet obnoxious things all night, and demand to see Obama’s birth certificate.
Michelle Obama: Find a chic dress from Target (and make sure to note it’s from Target), flats, and a “Forward” sticker. Break out in jumping jacks every 30 minutes to encourage everyone to be “On the Move.”
Ann Romney: Much like Michelle Obama, Ann is pretty easy to pull off. Find yourself a token red dress, a blonde wig, and a “Romney for President” sticker. Enter a room full of women and shout “I love you, women!”

Herman Cain: The key to really nailing this costume is either carrying a pizza box or wearing a pin/sticker that says 9-9-9. Or if you want to get really creative, have your girl-friends join you as Mr. Cain’s “mistresses.”
Sec’y of State Hillary Clinton: Very simple. Pantsuit + headband.

Any kind of “Politically-charged Percent”: 47% is the new 99%, but the 1% is still popular. Make it more creative than just carrying around a sign. Below are a few people who dressed up as the 1% last Halloween.