October 1, 2012

Weekend Recap in Instagrams

Minus the monsoon we had yesterday morning, this weekend had perfect fall weather. I'm not a runner by any means, but I made a point to run all the way down to the beach Saturday morning, and the views were well worth it, even though my body hated me the next day! It was great weekend catching up with friends, volunteering with the campaign and shopping. I forgot just how much I enjoyed shopping for fall clothes, and unfortunately, I now think I have a shoe addiction.


                              {Lake Erie on a beautiful day}

                              {View from the end of my run}

                              {Routing my next run around this}

                {Homemade baked french toast, recipe coming soon!}

                                   {How cool is this pillow?}

            {Instantly fell for these, they're Chukka boots for women!}


  1. Cute and comfy boots!

    xx Missy

  2. My friend use to always make me homemade baked french toast and it is soooooo delicious! And I agree, the pillow is incredibly cool!


  3. Wow those instagram photos are fantastic, Jenn! I would love to follow you on instagram so please send me your link! :) I'm not a runner either but I enjoy going for runs in nature as well. There's something rewarding about running to a beautiful place and enjoying the scenery. And don't worry, shoe addictions are totally justified! I hope you're planning on getting those booties, they are so versatile and will made a great addiction to your fall wardrobe.

    xo Ana

    1. I'm @hennjolton on Instagram! And I bought the boots :)