October 3, 2012

Menswear Wednesday: Plaid button-downs and racer jackets

September and October are strange months when it comes to the weather. We're transitioning from one season to the next, which means our closets don't know what is acceptable and what is too early to begin wearing. One thing is for sure: it's too soon for North Face jackets. Too soon. 

Fall is the season for layering and doing it with style.  For men, my idea of the ideal layering look involves plaid or check button-downs and crisp, breezy jackets like this Members Only Racer Jacket. Jackets like these remind me of old photos of my grandpa on the golf course during the start of fall. I've always called these jackets "Grandpa Golf Jackets" for this very reason, although they're obviously fitting for men of any age.   

At $60, you really can't beat the price of this jacket, which is from Target. Paired with any of the plaid shirts below and jeans, it's bound to keep you warm while achieving the right look for the first few months of fall. 



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