October 7, 2012

Halloween Nostalgia

When I look back on Halloween as a kid, there are certain things that instantly come to mind when it comes to movies and entertainment. Aside from all of the treats and costumes each year, there were traditions my brothers and I always enjoyed once October began.

Without hesitation, I think all three of us could say that our favorite episode of Boy Meets World was the "Halloween one," and it was something we looked forward to watching every year around Halloween time, along with a few other shows and movies... Hocus Pocus especially! I don't think anyone from our generation will ever tire of Bette Midler as the green witch, or Thackery Binx.


  1. Ah I love Marnie Cromwell!! Thanks for the reminder, I am definitely going to watch that now :)

  2. i've never seen Hocus Pocus! I know I'm like the only one!!

    1. You've got to see it Elle, it's seriously the best Halloween movie. I linked to it under the photo, via Youtube!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! I loved these when I was a kid!!! Ahh the good ol days lol!
    Hope you can check out my blog sometime and follow each other :)

  4. Oh my gosh that Halloween episode of Boy Meets World use to terrify me when I was younger! It was one of my favorite shows too but whenever that episode was on, I had to change the channel :P