October 22, 2012

Pure white

I'm really nit-picky about finding the perfect comforter for my bed. The one that I've had since high school took me months to decide on, and, let's just say it was ready for an upgrade. Before I became obsessive over trying to find a new one, I decided to change my approach. I figured I'd go for simplicity in the cover with a white down comforter, and spice up my spread with colorful pillows. White rooms and interior design with a focus on neutrals have always caught my eye. I love how something so simple can become classic and stylish with just a few touches of color.

I plan on decorating with pillows that are shades of navy, pink and light grey. I'm a huge fan of chevron anything right now, so a light grey chevron pillow is a must-have. 



  1. Love this! Everything in my house is slowly becoming white. I was also thinking about doing navy pillows with neutral grey! Great minds think alike :)

  2. Oh my, my, my... I love those pillows. Finally back on and following you. Your blog is awesome!!!

  3. Loving the chevron pillows. Hubby wanted the room red and gray... methinks it will soon be white and gray! Just found your blog, love it!