October 24, 2012

Kale chips with a hint of lime

Whenever I used to think of kale, I always associated it with my pet rabbit. My dad always used to tell me I had to take home the kale from my plate whenever we would go out to dinner at restaurants that dressed their plates with a piece of kale. My rabbit always loved it, but I never thought one day I would be eating the leafy green, let alone love it just as much.

Never would I eat kale raw--unless it was blended up into a fruit smoothie--I have taken to making kale chips quite often now. This time, I spiced things up a bit by adding a hint of lime juice. It gives them a boost of flavor that sets it apart from the sea salt. 

Kale Chips With a Hint of Lime

- One bunch of kale 
- 2T of olive oil
- zest and juice of one small lime
- 2t of sea salt

Pull kale leaves off of the stem and tear them into pieces a bit smaller than a Post-It note (they shrink by quite a lot in the oven!), and spread them across a foiled cookie sheet. In a bowl, mix together oil, salt and lime juice/zest, and use a marinade brush to "paint" the leaves in the mixture. 

Pop them into the oven and bake for ten minutes at 350 degrees. Let cool about five minutes, enjoy, and don't blame me if you become addicted! :)

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