October 15, 2012

Tricking, treating and politicking

The last presidential election was during my freshman year of college. I remember slightly panicking over what to dress up as, because I wanted it to be funny, creative and cute at the same time. I ended up dressing up as Sarah Palin, because by the end of October, she had become the most talked-about individual in the 2008 election—you either loved her or hated her. After dressing up as her for two nights of Halloween parties, I unfortunately realized most people hated her. Needless to say, I think I pulled it off pretty well, and I even found a John McCain one of the nights!

In the spirit of this year’s election, I thought I’d give my readers a few ideas if they wanted to go the political route for costumes this Oct. 31 (it’s an election year, I’m definitely taking advantage of it). The point is, you have to have fun with it and make it laughable, so I pulled out the individuals’ funny characteristics for some of the costumes.  I hope you find some inspiration!
President Barack Obama: Sure, there are plenty of masks you can wear, but go all out with the Presidential look (FYI, Obama has stated that he only ever wears navy or black suits). Make sure to bring a handful of change in your pocket.  Or you could go as Obama at the Republican National Convention, which would just be a chair.
Gov. Mitt Romney: Again, you could buy the token creepy Romney mask, but it can easily be done without. Just make sure to nail the grey sideburns, and if you really want to make it funny let a hundred-dollar bill hang out of your suit’s breast pocket.
Donald Trump: Buy lots of bronzer and a blonde wig (or just spray your hair gold). Tweet obnoxious things all night, and demand to see Obama’s birth certificate.
Michelle Obama: Find a chic dress from Target (and make sure to note it’s from Target), flats, and a “Forward” sticker. Break out in jumping jacks every 30 minutes to encourage everyone to be “On the Move.”
Ann Romney: Much like Michelle Obama, Ann is pretty easy to pull off. Find yourself a token red dress, a blonde wig, and a “Romney for President” sticker. Enter a room full of women and shout “I love you, women!”

Herman Cain: The key to really nailing this costume is either carrying a pizza box or wearing a pin/sticker that says 9-9-9. Or if you want to get really creative, have your girl-friends join you as Mr. Cain’s “mistresses.”
Sec’y of State Hillary Clinton: Very simple. Pantsuit + headband.

Any kind of “Politically-charged Percent”: 47% is the new 99%, but the 1% is still popular. Make it more creative than just carrying around a sign. Below are a few people who dressed up as the 1% last Halloween.


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