October 24, 2012

Menswear Wednesday: The working man's toolbox

I stumbled across this picture of Kiel James Patrick with his briefcase yesterday, and took it as the perfect inspiration for today's Menswear Wednesday. Let's just say, getting your essentials from A to B has never looked better. Men take pride in their what they carry in the business world, and even greater men know just how to make it original.

I've never really been a fan of the ones with the combination locks along the edges. My father used to carry one like that, and it just looked too complicated. It seems as if simplicity is key, but quality should come before that. Women can understand this, as we "invest" in nice expensive purses that are durable and timeless in style. So, expensive they are, but at the same time, a man would never keep his tools in any old toolbox.

Invest away.

1. Saddleback's "Thin" Briefcase

4. Glaser Designs' "Flaptop" Bag 

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