October 10, 2012

Four weeks until election day

It’s been a really busy week for me, which would explain my lack of a post yesterday and the fact that today’s post is not regarding men’s fashion. I apologize; Menswear Wednesday will be back next week with a great post regarding a lesser-known male fashion designer. Because I’ve become practically obsessed with the presidential campaign, my week has consisted of attending political events.

At the last minute on Monday, my friend and I decided to go see Dick Morris speak at a nearby university. Morris was the political advisor and campaign manager for President Clinton during his administration, but has since become a hard critic of both Bill and Hillary Clinton.


My friend and I somehow wound up getting asked to go watch Morris tape a segment for Fox News’ Hannity show, and while we were in-studio Morris asked us to dinner downtown afterwards! The entire night was completely surreal, and my friend and I had the most amazing time picking his brain on politics, Washington, and the campaign. Dick Morris is truly a genius. Without a doubt, he would make an amazing professor.

Yesterday, we attended Gov. Romney’s rally in Cuyahoga Falls, and I was blown away by the amount of people in attendance. He was on stage speaking and there were still people coming in. My friend and I were lucky to have on-stage seats, so we could see the large crowd from where we were sitting, which made for the best pictures.


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