October 21, 2013

Currently loving: Pink Coats

Fall weather always comes with a change of color in our wardrobes. We switch out our white dresses, bright prints and pastels for blacks, browns, navy and neutrals. One of my favorite ways to bring color to a fall wardrobe is a bright coat. I've always been a fan of light pink, so I splurged toward the end of the last winter season and bought myself this coat from J.Crew. Different from the typical darker colors of fall and winter outerwear, it's the perfect pop of color.


  1. Me too! Pretty obsessed. I hate a hot pink pea coat but I want a longer pale pink. So pretty.

  2. Agh I would love to rock a pink jacket. I'm still stuck on military jackets though ;)

  3. I know this is such a fun trend!! I want one now.

    Allie of Dressing Ken

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