October 15, 2013

Chic Kiddos

Is it just me, or are kids these days more stylin' than ever before? My go-to outfit when I was little was a GAP hoodie, jeans and a head band. I can't say the same for these kids at all. The launch of J.Crew Baby a few weeks back just gives you the excuse of starting even earlier with petite Sperry's, little cashmere sweaters, and rugby striped onezies. I'm definitely not foreseeing any of this in my near future, but I think any 20-something could take a little fashion inspiration from these kiddos.

I'm already wanting to re-create the adult version of the last photo!


  1. I swear I want a child just so I can dress it up like this. So chic, makes me look like I don't know a thing about fashion.

  2. Love this! I want a child just so I can dress it up, haha!

  3. I love this post! I would love to recreate a few of these looks; children today really are stylish!