May 7, 2013

Rain Gear that is not a wash

I have written a post on rainwear before, but because it was in regards to menswear, I thought I'd give women's gear an entry of their own. We're already into May (so disregard the untimeliness of this post-- ahem, April showers bring May flowers), but I've stumbled across Trout Rainwear and I couldn't resist sharing their amazing collection.

The company first launched their apparel about a month ago, and all of their jackets were designed with torrential downpours in mind. Each piece is made with a double-faced cotton and polyurethane blend to allow for high water repellency. The cotton’s breathability allows moisture to transfer throughout the garment, so that it's always comfort regardless of the weather-- a definite plus. The company was co-founded by two sisters, and although they only have three pieces thus far, I think we're all ready to see what other designs they come up with in the near future.