February 1, 2013

The tutu trend

Whenever I see a girl in a tutu who's not on stage for a performance, my mind goes directly to Carrie Bradshaw and that iconic pale pink tutu from Sex and the City's opening credits. Fun fact: the tutu was actually fished out of a bargain bin at the last minute by the show's designer, Patricia Field, according to this article. While it may seem outlandish to wear a tutu in broad daylight if you're not SJP, it seems to be something of a trend lately. With a statement necklace and a laid back shirt/slouchy sweater, would you try out this look if you weren't a ballerina?


  1. I LOVE the tutu trend! I have a black one and I adore wearing it for date nights!

    1. That's awesome! You should do a post on it if you haven't already. :)

  2. I love the tutu trend! They look so good on everyone but I haven't been brave enough to try wearing one myself yet :\

    - Carrie

  3. I'm in love with full, tulle skirts! Following :)
    Katie xx

  4. I love the tutu trend. It's so romantic and if you add a grey sweater, it makes it more casual and not too fuzzy! I haven't tried it yet but I really want to, its just been way too cold to rock a skirt at the moment!


  5. Absolutely love this trend. I find it very feminine and flirt- not to mention it's kinda fun to dress up and play ballerina for a day ;) Great post!

    xx Elizabeth
    Champaign Taste

  6. I'm loving these, especially that first one!