March 1, 2013

An arm and a leg for a shoe

I'm not usually one to spend a crazy amount of money on one particular item. For one, I'm barely 23 and just started paying off my student loans. Secondly, I don't have an incredibly high-paying job for a recent graduate. Third, I think it's completely outrageous to spend $200 on a pair of Tory Burch flats because you're essentially buying the insignia. I don't talk down about those who do (to each his own!), I'm just saying I would never do that myself. However, I am being a little hypocritical, because I'm about to confess the biggest of my shoe spending sins: I spent $298 on a pair of black flats. 

I'm crazy. I spent nearly half my week's pay on shoes.  I must be insane, right?

Not exactly. 

Before this purchase, I had been wearing my $29.95 pair of black American Eagle Outfitters flats I'd had since my junior year of high school (very gross, I know). A lot of girls I knew were buying Tory Burch, J.Crew and other popular brands, but everything I tried on, I found something wrong with. I wanted something simple, but something very comfortable. I grew frustrated every time I made an effort to go shopping for a pair, and all but gave up when my mom recommended I look into Attilio Giusti Leombruni flats, or "AGL's." I laughed when she told me they would set me back $300, thinking it was beyond unrealistic. But when I actually tried them on at Nordstrom, I was pretty much sold.

Here's the thing: My American Eagle flats were cheap, but they weren't half as comfortable as the AGLs I purchased back in August. I will have these flats for at least five years (how long I had my American Eagle ones). I wear them every day, and never, ever have my feet felt sore by the day's end. Yes they were very expensive, but with black flats-- something that you get more use out of than other shoes --you can think of them as an "investment piece," such as a nice blazer or an LBD.

For any of you looking for a great pair of flats (black or not!), I highly recommend AGL. You'll cringe when you hand over your credit card, but you'll never regret your purchase. :)



  1. A classic, comfortable shoe will last you for so long and they are worth the investment! Plus they are super cute!

  2. I think it's definitely worth it to invest in a few nice things. 1 you keep them forever and 2 they make you happy. worth it.

  3. Definitely worth the investment!

    -Lindsey & Amanda
    Oh Buoy Boston

  4. Sometimes the splurge is worth it! Yay for new shoes!

  5. I know exactly what you mean! Most flats end up hurting my toes (danced for 10+ years) or my heels, but I found a pair of $30 Lilly Pulitzer gold flats on Re-Lilly and I had been wearing those forever. This past fall I really needed something better and even though I've always been against TB, I broke down and bought a pair. They are extremely comfortable, were over 50% off and they're not the Revas so the TB logo is tiny.

    Enjoy your purchase!

  6. Awesome shoes! Have a nice weekend:)

  7. Well, they're gorgeous!