March 12, 2013

Work deskspace design

Since I've moved into my new building at work, I've been wanting to do a post that shows my deskspace and the ways in which I've personalized it. To give you an idea of what I do, I work in PR and media relations for a global diversified industrial manufacturing company, writing external pieces (such as news releases), and dealing with the company's social media outlets.

While what the company does isn't exactly glamorous (i.e. the words industrial and manufacturing) I have tried to make my personal space reflect my knack for style, decor and inspiration. With the use of a few DIY tricks and a good printer, I was able to do everything with almost no cost. For example, the fashion prints were just printed out from here. Enjoy!

Fashion prints: When I saw I had a bulletin board as a part of my workspace, I knew I wanted to "glam it up" with fashion prints I'd collected on one of my Pinterest boards. It brought color and a little bit of my interests to work.

Quote board: For Christmas, one of my bosses got me a daily Presidential Quote Calendar because he knows how much I love politics and anything dealing with Washington, DC. I've taken a few of my favorites and pinned them to my board.

Gold desk accessories: This was the easiest DIY idea, because I already had the metal desktop accessories, I just wanted to change them up from the boring old typical black color. A couple of layers of gold spray paint later, and voila! 

Duo trashcan: How neat is this? I had to take a picture and include it-- one side for recycling, and the other for trash! I love it.