April 9, 2013

Five Things

With every new blog I become attached to, I always find myself wondering more about what the reader is like. Luckily, there has been a trend floating around the blogosphere lately called "Five things" in which you list five fun facts about yourself to help your readers get to know you a little better. Thanks to Emily, I was tagged last week and now I'll get to share a few of my own facts! 

1. I have two high school diplomas. This is one of the strangest facts about me, and I think it always has people thinking I somehow graduated from two different high schools when I tell them! Funny story though, when I graduated from my high school in 2008, our administration overlooked one minor {and very important!} detail of the diploma... education was spelled wrong! So we all received misspelled diplomas, and wound up receiving a second one with education spelled correctly a couple of weeks later. I still have the first one tucked behind the second. :)

2. I have a fear of overly ripened potatoes. Again, very strange, but you know how potatoes can go bad and get those white pokey-looking things that begin to come out of them? I think they look very alien-like and for some reason it horrifies me when if I see one in the pantry. My mom, however, thinks it's hilarious and will throw one at me if she finds one. 

3. I have an obsession with grilled cheese. Ask anyone of my friends, and they will explain my love for the food. What's even more weird is that I really only like to eat the sandwiches now with fruit melted between the cheese slices. Hey, don't knock it til you try it! 

4. I don't have all of the feeling in my bottom lip. When I was a freshman in college, I got my wisdom teeth taken out and the doctor hit a nerve during the surgery. Since then, I've lost partial feeling in my lower right gums/lip. I'd say 85% has come back, but when it first happened I was terrified I'd never regain feeling again!

5. I am in love with anything/everything Titanic. This started at age 7, right after the movie came out, and hasn't stopped. I have read more books and watched more specials on the ill-fated ship than anything else, and I used to always tell my dad if I could have one wish in the entire world it'd be to go down to see the Titanic wreckage with him. :) The story still fascinates me every time I pick up something to read on it.

Tag, you're it! : Lindsay, Amy, and Hannah


  1. I have never seen Titanic.....can we still be blog friends? I know, I am the ONLY person in America that hasn't seen it yet.

    1. Get out Alissa! I seriously do not believe you right now! Rent it immediately! :)

  2. So funny about the diplomas. I LOVE apple slices in my grill cheese, so good. Fun learning more about you!

  3. Did you know it's National Grilled Cheese Month? I am obsessed too!!

    Thanks for the tag :)

  4. Omg we tagged each other at the same time. Haha! Great minds think alike, thanks for thinking of me :)

    And P.S. grilled cheeses with apples or pears are my favorite! I have to use goats milk cheese though, I'm lactose intolerant :/.