April 12, 2013

Kitchen Accessories from IKEA

I am all moved in to my new apartment in Washington, D.C. and I'm happy to tell everyone that I absolutely love it. My parents and I went a little crazy at IKEA last week. We walked in with three things we needed: a couch, a dresser and two barstool-type chairs. And I have to laugh, because we must have walked out with nearly three times the amount of things I thought I needed. 

IKEA is pretty much a slippery slope, because once you enter you're doomed to buy little things you really don't need. Prime example: I had enough glassware already (to the point where I didn't have room for it all), and then I saw these flamingo and pineapple glasses. They were only $1 and $1.50, so who could resist adding a few more dollars for these adorable glasses?

I decided to go with four of the flamingo ones, because really it's all I had room for, but I think the pineapple glasses would be great for smoothies in the summer. What do you think?



  1. LOVE flamingo anything, and how could you not love that price?! SO cute.

  2. I NEED THOSE FLAMINGO GLASSES. I know where I'm dragging the bf next time he comes to visit. Plus he's never been to IKEA!

  3. IKEA!! It's been awhile since I shopped there. Love both of the glasses you featured here.


  4. So glad i found your blog. Love your posts!


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