April 23, 2013

Pillow talk

When it comes to decorating a space, I think throw pillows are a key element. I found a couple of pillows from Ikea and Home Goods before I moved into my apartment, but for the most part they're all pretty simple. I like to call the pillows below "statement pillows," because like a good statement necklace draws attention to an outfit, these pillows bring attention to a space. I originally saw the needlepoint Beatles pillow at my local Nordstrom, and I've been in love with the Jackie Kennedy pillow by Jonathan Adler since I first saw it around Christmas time. 

Would you buy one of these, or are you drawn to more simple covers when it comes to pillows?

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  1. I think pillows give you the opportunity to do something drastic and make a statement without committing -- you can always switch them out! I've also been loving that Jackie O pillow for awhile!

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  2. I'm kind of obsessed with that George Washington pillow! Too cute!

  3. I'm loving the audrey Hepburn pillow on the left!

  4. I spent about two hours in the Jonathan Adler store last weekend looking at all of the beautiful needlepoint pillows! The "First Lady Pillow" is absolutely amazing! These are all such great picks, and your blog is absolutely precious! I've definitely found another daily read! :)