July 19, 2012

Coffee table fashion statement

You can call me a bibliophile. If I walk into a bookstore, I can't help but buy something, especially if it catches my eye. Independent bookstores are almost even worse, because half of the books are used, and for some reason, I'm more into buying tattered and worn books because they have "character." I recently bought a first edition of Profiles of Courage because it was written by then-Senator Kennedy and looked vintage.

I've accepted the fact that I judge books by their covers, and now I'm into buying style books based on just that. Large fashion hardcovers with striking facades can be artfully displayed on a coffee table. I'm slowly working my way up to my very own collection, but here are a few of the ones I'd choose.


Clockwise from top-left: {1}{2}{3}{4}{5}{6}


  1. I'd totally invest in books with nice covers just to display on the coffee table! Great picks- I've read the Black Book of Style (amazing book!) but still trying to get my hands on a copy of Cupcakes and Cashmere! :-)

    The Style Moodboard

  2. I love fashion books i have a ton of them!


  3. Thanks for the visit on the Adored Life! I actually love fashion photography and since I was a younger teenager I have been saving money and buying big, luxurious photo books that are beautiful and also functional.

  4. I'm obsessed with books as well, any kind! My apartment looks like a library:)) Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving a nice comment on my blog) stay in touch! xo


  5. I do the same thing with fashion books I love putting them on dressers and on my nightstand, it makes everything look a bit more fabulous haha :)