July 9, 2012

A pop of {cheap} style: summer dresses for a steal

I can walk into Target with only laundry detergent and shampoo on my shopping list, and come out with at least three other finds in my bag. Why is it that this happens at Target and no where else? Those who know me can say this is my number one weakness, but I blame it on Target's exceptionally good branding and marketing tactics.

Honestly, if this wasn't a real issue, would there be an e-card about it?

Not-so-long-story short, I left Target with a sundress I didn't need. I'm sure glad I tried it on though, because it's been my summer staple. I've had many compliments on it, and I love seeing people's surprised faces when I tell them it's from Target. Unfortunately it didn't come in different colors (without a doubt I would have bought every color), but, as is always the case with Target, there's plenty more choices to choose from. Each of the six dresses below are between $20-$25, so you don't have to put a dent in your wallet! 

Photos from target.com.


  1. great outfit inspiration!

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  2. Target always has the best stuff for the summer. Those dresses are adorable!


  3. Hi! I just started following your blog :) I love Target and always leave there with way more than I planned (I can't help it if they have cute stuff for super cheap)!

    Check out my blogpost from today to see my outfit I got from Target for around $20 (a dress AND wedges!).