July 13, 2012

Sweet tooth

I don't believe I've made note of where I'm from: Cleveland. To any readers out there currently cringing over the fact that this girl lives in "the mistake on the lake," please don't. Sure, we have sports teams that cannot seem to win anything--ever, and a large portion of our population still loathes our former self-proclaimed "king" LeBron James.

That is where these negative opinions of Cleveland come from; people focus on the sports and the money, and never gain sight about what the city does have, like nationally-known restaurants, amazing vintage boutiques, and Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Treat Shop, which is Cleveland's best ice cream-- there's just no contest.

Suitably named after Moses Cleaveland, the city's founder, it was designed to take customers back in time with the atmosphere of a 1950s fountain shop. Homemade root beer is served right from the barrel, and your order is taken before a vintage cash register. The portions were huge, but it was well worth it-- you could literally taste the butter in the butter pecan ice cream... does it get any better than that?


  1. That looks delicious!!! I love old fashioned ice cream parlors.. nothing really compares!

    - Devon

  2. butter pecan ice cream! Oh my goodness that sounds so good :)