July 17, 2012

Kate Spade enters new season with new arrivals

Besides the harrowing title of "recent college grad," my other current title seems to belong to that of many early twenty-somethings: unemployed. I have a slew of other part-time positions, including freelancing for my city's magazine, Cleveland Magazine. I knew I wanted to delve into the editorial world, so today I applied for an editorial position with Kate Spade, my favorite company when it comes to marketing its products. I cannot think of a company that does a better job of keeping their marketing/pr campaigns so sophisticated yet enticingly witty. 

They just came out with a few new arrivals, here are a few that caught my eye. What do you think of KS?


Photos from Kate Spade.

1 comment:

  1. Kate Spade always comes out with the most amazing stuff - I'm loving that gorgeous collar necklace!