July 6, 2012

Organize this: everyday make-up

One of my favorite things to do when I'm bored is to organize. So, I'm starting a series of posts that includes all of my best organizing tips, which are kind of DIY projects as well. Hopefully you'll enjoy them and be able to garner a few tips along the way.

I have a lot of make-up that I don't use every day. Purple eyeshadows and navy eye-liner pencils make the cut for this category. Still, most of the make-up that I use every day (mascara, make-up brushes eyeliner, concealer) gets mixed in with the stuff that doesn't, and it becomes somewhat of a hassle. I've always seen cute ways of storing make-up, but wanted to try something new that would look cute and still be a good way to organize my products.

ENTER: Pinterest.

It seems like every creative bone in my body has been replaced by my Pinterest boards for the past year. One of my secret santa gifts from Christmas was an oversized Anthropologie mug, and I've seen many DIY crafts done with these mugs, so I wanted to use mine for that and not for coffee-- I'd rather have it on display than inside my cupboard. So I took my make-up, bought about two cups of coffee beans and viola: organization that is quick and cute, and now I have easy access to my products!


Before (yes, it's organized but everything is mixed together):


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  1. I just have all of my make-up thrown in a basket. I really don't even know half of what I have! I really need to organize it!


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