August 2, 2012

Lazy summer day playlist

I've always wanted to write a post about music, so I've decided to start a series of posts that will hopefully expand your iTunes library over time with some great music. A lot of the new and old artists will make up these playlists, so believe me when I say I don't stick to one genre ever when it comes to music! I do credit most of this playlist to Lindsay Wolfington, the music supervisor for my favorite show, One Tree Hill. I've been introduced to many incredible musicians because of this woman's excellent taste. Maybe you've already heard of some of these songs/artists, but either way, I hope it helps expand your music library.


Lazy summer day playlist

1. A New Beginning - Endocrine
2. More Than Life - Whitley
3. This Year's Love - David Gray
4. Home - Mumford & Sons
5. New Slang - The Shins
6. A Lack of Color - Death Cab For Cutie
7. Just Breathe - Pearl Jam
8. First Chance - David Gray
9. Stubborn Love - The Lumineers
10. Goodbye My Love - James Blunt


  1. OoOoOo! I'll have to check these out. I love new music!

  2. This looks like a really great playlist. I'm always looking for new music to add to my playlists. Thanks for sharing!


  3. You picked all my favorite artists! Especially Mumford and James Blunt. Love, love. :)

  4. Cute blog too! Just followed you back! Love all your stuff!