August 29, 2012

Menswear Wednesday: "The Romney Boys look"

I wanted to revolve the majority of my posts this week around the GOP Convention because I'm here, so when it came to Wednesday's post, I wanted to do something relating to men's fashion at the Convention. From what I've seen, everyone dresses very nicely here-- Lilly Pulitzer dresses and seersucker suits are everywhere. However, the Romney sons seemed to have perfected the jeans, button-down and blazer look.

My roommate and I have seen the five boys every day (and their beautiful wives/children) throughout the past few days, and they're always in a relaxed, jeans + blazer look. I'm sure that'll change once they're in the Forum for the Convention events, but as of now, they've perfected the style.

Four of the five Romney sons with Gov. Chris Christie. 

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