July 23, 2013

Girl to Watch: Olivia Pope

On the recommendation of my new roommate, I recently started watching Scandal. I've only heard great things about it, and the fact that it takes place in Washington, DC makes it all the more alluring. I've been a loyal House of Cards fan, so at first I didn't want to add another DC show into the mix, but I'm sure glad I did. I've read in fashion magazines that the style of Scandal's main character, Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington), is to die for, and I can totally attest to that now that I'm through the first season. Her character wears a lot of neutrals, mostly white (her Tory Burch trench from one of the first episodes caught my eye immediately!) but also nudes and pastels. Here are a few of my favorite Olivia Pope outfits.

Do you watch Scandal? 


  1. I love Scandal!!!! and I work in government so O.P. is my style icon! lol love this post

  2. I have never watched Scandal but I seriously Google outfit inspiration from that show!

  3. We are OBSESSED with Scandal and Olivia Pope... her style is amazing. You will love the show!