July 29, 2013

Laser cut

I have a few pieces of clothing in my closet that are actually real leather, but a lot of my faux leather items have come from Forever 21. I have two "pleather" black jackets from F21 that I wear all the time over dresses when I go out, and, while fake, they always get compliments. The store recently came out with a few new faux leather pieces, including this top. There's something about a laser cut leather top that has always caught my eye. Paired with white jeans, or a matching black [faux] leather skirts and heels for a night out, and I think this piece would be well worth the mere $23 it costs!


  1. I actually like this when the clothing is black, this is a cute top!

  2. I own one leather jacket that is sadly a bit too small for me. I love getting my pleather stuff from Forever 21!