July 10, 2013

Menswear Wednesday: Chubbies [not the fat kind]

When I hear the name Chubbies, my mind automatically darts toward wither A. a fat child, or B. the popular spot to grab a burger with Cory, Shawn and Topanga on Boy Meets World. However, neither option is the case here. I met a guy last week on the Fourth of July wearing American flag shorts that weren't swim trunks, and when I asked him where he'd gotten them, he mentioned Chubbies, and was looked surprised when I told him I'd never heard of it. 

One Google search later, and I've discovered a pretty interesting (and fratty) website devoted solely to the creation of American made shorts, which according to the founders are "soft, radical and made for the weekend." My favorite are the American flag pair, but there's many other options to choose from, and they will run you around $50-$60 a pair. 

It seems like a nice investment, and as the website says, your thighs will thank you



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