December 30, 2012

The right fit

You know that problem everyone has with sizing, where you can be a size 4 in one store, size 8 in another and then realize you can magically squeeze into a zero in another store? Determining what size you are is sometimes easier said than done. 

This is where eShakti comes in. The company provides clothing in their online boutique as ready-to-wear apparel custom sized to fit you. From sizes 0 to 36, you can pick from their selection of dresses, skirts, tops and more, then customize it to your liking! eShakti sent me this black top embellished with scallops, and I was able to customize its length. I waited to wear it in Mexico so I could snap some great pics on the beach.

Checkout eShakti's website here, and hopefully you can find something you like, and make it something you will love by customizing it! 



  1. Ooh sounds perfect to me! Sometimes I am a size UK 4 in one shop and a UK size 8-10 in another. I mean what is that all about?! I blame it on vanity sizing, pfft just choose measurements for a size and stick to it please mr retailer, ok thank you and please. I will check out this website now, thanks for sharing.

    Janine xx

  2. Gorgeous pics - eshakti just sent me a dress and I absolutely love it!

  3. Love this top!! And your photos are stunning!!

    <3 Kelly