September 6, 2012

Clutch move

I've always been a fan of the Coach wristlets for when it comes to going out for the night. They slide around your wrist, so no matter what you're doing you never have a bulky purse hanging on your shoulder for the night. I love my wristlets, but lately I've been into the concept of the "fold over" clutch.

The trend has been around for a while, but recently they're making them with long straps so you can wear it as a cross body bag, and hold it as a clutch if you like. It's the best of both worlds.

I just snagged this one from H&M for just under $20. It looks a little summery, but I'll be wearing it into the fall.

Here are a few other choices I've found; the first two are from Scout & Catalogue.


  1. I saw that clutch at H&M, I absolutely love it! I might have to go buy myself one :)

  2. Love them! They are really cute!
    Hope you can come over to my blog and enter the giveaway!

  3. love the one from H&M and the last one!

  4. I love wristlets! The H&M is the cutest!

  5. I love the H&M one! I'm in love with color blocking!

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  6. Love a good wristlet. I was actually on this kick where I used an oversized day clutch for a while and loved it!

  7. I love the H & M clutch ! Got in two colour combinations..neon pink and silver and another one in silver and black..Love the fold over clutches.. great storage.. Love your blog.
    Stephanie xoxo