September 24, 2012

Trends to take into the fall: Lace shorts

In the summer there's nothing more dainty than a pair of lace shorts or a lace dress. I never got around to finding a pair over the past few months, but I found a one this past weekend at Marshalls that was too good of a deal to pass up. I ended up choosing the black pair over cream, and plan on wearing them with a nice tank, blazer and heels for a night out, but here are another few ways to wear your lace shorts into the cooler months of fall.


1. Lace shorts + Chambray

2. Lace shorts + Billowy button-down + Tights + Ankle boots

3. Lace Shorts + Oversized cardigan [with elbow patches!]

4. Lace shorts + Tank + Blazer + Heels 

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely adore lace shorts! And they are a great way to dress up your outfits during the fall! Followed!