September 7, 2012

NYFW & Convention Fashion Review

Whenever I think of New York Fashion Week, one scene comes to mind. It's when Carrie Bradshaw takes on the runway, clad in a royal blue trench, a jeweled pair of D&G undies and the stilettos that led her to her catwalk catastrophe. As she trips and falls on her face (literally), Heidi Klum comes out and walks right over her, leaving Carrie's GBF Standford to yell out, "Oh my God, she's fashion roadkill!" Priceless line. Luckily, I don't think that happens all too often in the real New York Fashion Week. A few very popular bloggers I follow have the great opportunity to go watch it in person, whereas people like you and I get to catch the highlights from E!News, Twitter and Instagram.

On another fashion note for the week (or perhaps the past two), because both The First Lady Michelle Obama and the GOP Nominee Mitt Romney's wife, Ann Romney, have both made their Convention speeches, I wanted to wrap up the week discussing their wardrobes.
Everybody is drooling over Michelle's custom-made silk Tracy Reese dress, and practically drowning in a puddle of their own drool over her toned arms. I loved her dress, and I'm a fan of her arms too, but I'm just stating the obvious obsession. The dress, not yet available for sale on the designer's site, will retail at just under $500. Her suede pumps were from J.Crew and her nailpolish-- a purple-grey hue called "Vogue," is by Artistic Nail Designs ($15.95, not yet available either).

 Ann Romney, who chose to wear red, the hue's usual place of prominence, at the RNC in Tampa last week. Ann wore a belted, knee-length Oscar de la Renta dress for the most important speech of her life. The dress had a small v-neck and cuffed sleeves, and was absolutely stunning for Ann. It was age appropriate, classy and sophisticated, just as Michelle's dress was. Oscar de la Renta has never been a stranger to First Ladies, dressing Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton as well. However, he and Mrs. Obama don't exactly have the same relationship. De la Renta criticized Michelle for wearing a gown by British designer Alexander McQueen (rather than that of an American) to a White House state dinner last year, along with a few other comments.

Ann's dress reportedly costs around $2,400, leading critics to point out the costly difference between the price of Obama's and Romney's dress. They forgot to mention the nearly $3,000 L'Wren Scott cardigans Michelle donned in April, or the $2,000 Sophie Theallet dress she wore on her Christmas Hawaiian vacation in December.
I think we can all accept the fact that both women can afford lavish, expensive clothing, can't we?



  1. The fashion at the DNC has been seriously amazing!

  2. So true! People are quick to judge their expensive dresses, but what would people honestly say if the first lady walked out wearing a dress from Forever21? Double standards, much?

    Great post!