September 10, 2012

Weekend festivities: Chicago

This is one of those late, last-minute Monday posts, but I wanted to post a few pictures from my weekend. I spent it in my favorite city-- Chicago! Washington is pretty much a tie, but I just can't get over how perfect Chi-town seems for me. My friend just started med-school right outside of the city, and a few of my other friends live in the city, so lucky for me there's always people to visit! 

Right before my friends and I left, I finally got my hands on the new copy of Cleveland's Inside Business Magazine, where my first piece was published this month! 

Unfortunately it's not online because it was a special insert on AHA's Heart Walk, but I took a quick snapshot of part of the spread with Instagram. The exciting feeling when I pick up a magazine each month and find my article still hasn't gotten old, and I hope it never does. 


Complimentary breakfast cake and mimosas at breakfast. Could this city get any better?

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