September 18, 2012

This guy...

I normally do a series of posts called "Girl to Watch," but I couldn't avoid making a similar type of post for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

To me, he's always going to be Ten Things I Hate About You's Cameron, but it's safe to say he's stepped up his roles as of late. Which leads me to the main reason for this post: Gordon-Levitt will be starring in a new film coming out this November based on the life of Abraham Lincoln. Could I be anymore excited about this? It may be the government nerd inside of me screeching with glee, but I cannot wait to see Daniel Day-Lewis on screen as Honest Abe, and Gordon-Levitt playing the role of the president's son, Robert Todd Lincoln.

Plus, Daniel Day-Lewis shows an eerie resemblance to President Lincoln, and Sally Field to Mary Todd Lincoln.

Does this interest any of you, or am I just way too into politics/presidents/history?


  1. sexy guy :D

    Jenny /

  2. definitely agree that he has some major movie roles now!

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