September 3, 2012

Chasing her dreams on the water

One of my closest girlfriends, Rachael, has been dancing for as long as I've known her (which is a pretty long time!) We've always shared a love of fashion, and she was one girl who never cared about what others said of her style. I can remember her dressing up as Edie Sedgwick in high school, long before any of us knew who Edie was, and wearing vintage pieces that made girls stop and stare in the hallways of high school.

However, that's just Rachael as a fashionista. Beyond her amazing sense of style is her ambition, which is stronger than any girl I've ever known. Her dream is to be a Rockette, and though she's tried out a couple of times, she will stop at nothing until she succeeds. Until then, she was granted an incredible opportunity to dance on a cruise ship in South America for seven (SEVEN!) months. 

She just began a blog, called Dance Life, to chronicle her life as a dancer on a ship, and to share the details of chasing her dream. Check it out, and follow if you like. I promise you will not be disappointed!